Free RPG Day in Asheville, NC

In case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately, it’s because I’ve been busier than a half-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Not only am I continuing to work on the three games I’ve been developing, and taking an active part in the most recent world event in Kingdom of Loathing (the only video game I still play regularly), I have also been prepping to run HackMaster Basic at Wyvern’s Tale’s grand opening during Free RPG Day later today. If you want to guarantee a seat, head on over to their sign-up page as seats are limited. Pre-gens will be provided.

Just in case there aren’t enough players, I also made a bunch of pre-gens for the current D&D Lair Assault so my wife can run it instead. Either way, we hope to have a blast while meeting some new roleplayers before heading to Hillside to run Pokémon League as usual.

(Please, no ranting about the feud between those two stores. Let’s just enjoy the awesomeness that is Free RPG Day.)


2 thoughts on “Free RPG Day in Asheville, NC

  1. Jordan

    Right in Asheville and I can’t believe I missed this. I like your statement about how busy you’ve been, I’m still laughing and will have to use that one.


    1. fewilcox Post author

      FRPGD was great! No one signed up ahead of time so I was pleasantly surprised to have two players turn up for HackMaster. They seemed to really enjoy themselves so I’m hoping they’ll turn up again when I move my campaign to WT.

      If you haven’t been to WT yet you should check it out. It’s the best store I’ve seen for actually playing trpgs, and I used to own an FLGS that hosted roleplaying games so that’s really saying something. 8o)

      Since the KoL event ended I’ve been working on my games again, so expect an update soon. I had another “ah-ha! duh” moment about my crunchy game that should rapidly accelerate development pretty. (“Ah-ha! duh” means I had a brilliant idea that seemed obvious in retrospect.)



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