D&D Power Cards

There’s been a sudden demand online lately for my D&D 4e power cards for  Magic Set Editor. Here’s a sample from the deck of my wild mage, Shyui:

I can’t take all, or even most, of the credit for these. Ander00 on ENWorld originally created the MSE files, and another user whose name I have long since forgotten tweaked them a bit before I got a hold of them. So very little credit actually goes to me – especially since it’s been so long that I don’t even remember what changes I made.

We found them highly useful back when we still used stacks of power cards, so I hope you’ll find them useful too. Enjoy.

If you already know how to use MSE, you can skip the next two paragraphs.

This should be how you install any MSE style: Navigate to where you installed MSE and unzip the download into its Data folder.

To use just fire up MSE and click “New Set”. Under “Game Type” click “D&D” and then “Ander” under “Card Style”. Click Ok and you’re golden.

To choose between At-Will, Encounter, Daily, magic item, etc., click on the background and choose the appropriate color from the drop-down. Other sections also have drop-downs, everything else you just type in.  The icons (Standard, Ranged, etc.) are entered using hotkeys (found in ./D&D-Ander-symbol.mse-symbol-font/symbol-font if you want to change them); just click in the box and hit the letter you want:

Actions (Left-Hand Box):
s – Standard action (Gear)
o – Move action (Boot)
m – Minor action (Half the standard action gear)
f – Free (Circle)
r – Immediate reaction (“Stop” hand)*
I – Immediate interrupt (Lightning bolt)*
i – Immediate (Exclamation point. Not sure what this one is for unless it’s Opportunity Actions.)

* For some reason, I can only get I and r to work in the right-hand box where they don’t help. It looks like I always used i before, and relied on the text box for specifics about whether it’s an interrupt or reaction.

Everything Else (Right-Hand Box) :
e – Melee (Sword)
r – Ranged (Bow)
n – Melee/Ranged (Sword and bow)
u – Close burst (Starburst)
U – Area burst (Starburst with an arrow indicating range)
b – Blast (90° angle with an arrow streaming out of the middle)
p – Personal (Silhouette of a bust)
t – Touch (Also the “stop” hand. Should be something else if I and r would work; pointing hand?)
w – Wall (Labyrinthine line)
E – Beast (Wolf head)
a – Melee weapon beast (Wolf head and sword)

On a side note, in making the list of hotkeys I realized at least part of what I did to change it: I made at least one icon (minor action) and tweaked others using gimp. I may also have replaced some of them with icons from other sets, but it was so many years ago that I’m really not sure what all I did.

I also just noticed that there are a couple of XCFs in ./D&D-Ander-symbol.mse-symbol-font. Those are gimp’s native format; the equivalent of .psd in Photoshop. Had I noticed them sooner I would have left them out to save space; sorry about that.


5 thoughts on “D&D Power Cards

  1. Karl

    Nice. I confess I don’t really understand how to use MSE…the link above – how do i get those files into MSE so I can use the templates? Also, is there any sort of tutorial on how to use them in MSE to produce the cards?



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