Free Random Dungeon Generator

A little while ago I saw Dizzy Dragon’s free random dungeon creator mentioned on Kenzer&Co’s forums and just had to check it out. My current HackMaster 5e campaign started out as a random dungeon I built using HM4e’s random dungeon tables, so I’ve got a bit of sweet spot for such things.

With one click of the “Quick Dungeon!” button I got a fully fleshed out dungeon, complete with monsters and treasure. Then all I have to do is either stat out the monsters for GURPS or grab HackMaster Basic or the Hacklopedia of Beasts and add the critters to a new sheet in my encounter builder. So for GURPS I can be ready to go in 5 or 10 minutes, and no more than an hour or two for HackMaster 5e. An excellent time saver in either case.

Since my HackMaster campaign is an experiment in cooperative world design and has so far only used random dungeons, this is indeed a welcome addition to my toolbox.

As referenced above, it’s pretty system agnostic overall, but if you want monsters you have to specify Pathfinder, Moldvay Basic, or “Moldvay/Cook B/X  Dungeon”, whatever that means. It also prompts you for party level but that means totally different things depending on the edition of D&D you’re using – especially since some are less “zero to hero” than others.


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