Monthly Archives: March 2013

Depression Sucks

And now you know why I haven’t posted in more than four months. It has been coming on for several years now, but hit me full force halfway through November (which is why I’m astounded that I came as close to my NaNoWriMo goal as I did). Later this week my treatment will finally begin. After that I should become more active in everything.

On a lighter note, despite the depression I have gotten some work done on my magnum opus, the game I hope will become our roleplaying group’s go-to system. The rulebook has become a bit of a mess as I changed various rules – even the number of attributes. So I spent yesterday writing out the current rules in a new document so I could use it to continue developing the rules and then rewrite the rulebook.

I also created two new aids for the Pokémon video games. One is a type chart that is slightly smaller than a DSi. The other is a pocket-sized list of every Pokémon as of generation 5, including their types and what EVs they provide. It is two sheets of paper that each form a little booklet the size of 1/8 of a sheet of letter paper. I will be uploading both and adding them to the Download page as soon as I finalize the copyright line. I’m currently a bit stumped on how to make sure Nintendo, etc. get their due without taking up a ton of space.