Monthly Archives: October 2013

Updated Pokémon Aids for Gen VI

It should come as a surprise to no one that I updated my pocket-sized Pokémon aids for X and Y.

The type chart now includes Fairy: Single index card; several per page.

The PocketMods that list all of the Pokémon, their types, and Effort Values have all of the new Pokémon and the new types of 21 old ones, but still lacks the EVs for the new ones since they aren’t known yet. Naturally, as soon as they are I’ll add them and post here.



As you may have noticed, I’ve been making some subtle and some not-so-subtle changes around here (watch yer head!).  If you’re on the home page or the Twenty-Eleven theme finally started working, you’ll see my badge. Feel free to use it to follow me on Google+ or facebook to see more of what I’m about.

If you look up you’ll see a new page titled “My Games”, which has links to both of the games I’ve released to date and will have links to games I release in the future. I’ve also re-ordered the list of pages since they were in a bit of a random order and was a bit clunky with the addition of a fifth one.