Monthly Archives: January 2014

Updated D&D Pre-gens and Pokémon Cheatsheets

Finally back after an extended illness that kept from being able to do a lot of typing, but I haven’t been completely idle all this time.

Before falling ill, I uploaded to Scribd the new Pokémon pocket type charts that include the fairy type. I also added all of the new Pokémon to my pocket-sized list of Pokémon. Both can be found by following the same URLs as previously on my Downloads page.

As I’m taking a break from GMing D&D Encounters this season, I finally get to play my beloved eladrin knight, Gwynedd, whose head I haven’t been in (nor she in mine) for several months. Tired of adjusting her character sheet every time we level up and then resetting it to level 1 the next season, I used my dwarf knight pre-gen as a template and made her a customized level 1-3 character sheet.

In the process of adapting the dwarf knight, I noticed several errors that were somehow overlooked despite proofreading by multiple people, and while I was at it made some minor formatting changes to the lot. The main difference is that the Healing Surge boxes are now numbered. The updated characters are also available from their usual places on my Downloads page.