Wear a Hardhat and Watch Yer Head

As my regular readers will have noticed, I’ve changed both the theme and title of this blog. The old title simply doesn’t fit since I also discuss writing and may well post some of my home-crafted jewelry, especially if it’s got gaming or fantasy elements (like the earring I’m making for one of my players). I actually changed both multiple times over the past several hours, and expect to do so again in the near future. I’m still not very happy with the theme, but picking through the options was eating up valuable writing time. The new title definitely fits better (and my wife and I think it’s a fairly clever pun), but it’s still lacking something, so I’ll be glad to hear any suggestions.

Speaking of writing time, I just finished a longer-than-expected post about campaign wikis. I always prefer to sit on long posts for a day or two, then proofread them again before posting, so look for that post to appear sometime over the weekend. If I post them right away, there’s a chance that I may be saying one thing while meaning another, or miss some glaring typo or grammar issue. Walking away from it for a while then re-reading it again makes sure I’m reading what I actually said instead of what I meant to say, and rarely let errors slip through (vital considering I’d like to be a professional writer).

I do the same thing with long emails and forum posts, but generally don’t give the latter more than 2-3 hours; longer than that just doesn’t work on an active forum. That habit has spared me quite a few arguments that would have resulted from misunderstandings, so I highly recommend it to everyone. I’ve even been known to deliberate for several minutes before replying to a text or IM, a habit I’m sure has annoyed more than one person over the years, but I think it’s worth the delay. Besides, patience is a virtue severely lacking in modern society, so I’m probably actually doing them some good.

One last thing: what do think of the slice of landscape up above? That was the view from my back porch six years ago. One of the advantages of living just this side of the middle of nowhere is that it’s incredibly scenic. Now I just need to get better with my camera and with my artist’s eye, and the next time that opportunity presents itself the resulting photo will be infinitely better. I’m working on a banner that will encompass a variety of aspects of me, but that shot will suffice in the meantime.


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