Scribd Issue Resolved

Thanks to the comments of Ethan S on my post about my Encounters pre-gens, I learned that Scribd was requiring payment for my documents even though I wasn’t getting any of it since I listed them all as free. From what I can tell, the problem stems from Scribd’s attempt to be the Netflix or Hulu+ of ebooks.

The only solution I could find was to completely opt out of that program, meaning I can never sell anything through them.

If you are having the same problem, of find another Scribd author in the same state of ignorance that I was, here’s the detailed solution: Go to your account preferences. Look beside “Subscription“, and check the box before, “Do not include my content in Scribd’s subscription program”.

It’s as simple as that, but took me a couple of hours to figure it out. I’m also putting in a support request, so hopefully Scribd will get the problem straightened out on their end.

UPDATE: I got a response from Scribd. Apparently opting out doesn’t preclude you from selling stuff, it just prevents everything you upload from requiring payment.


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