Tokens for Magic the Gathering

While I originally downloaded Magic Set Editor to make power cards for D&D 4e, I now use it primarily to make tokens for Magic the Gathering. Several examples are available in the new Magic Tokens folder in my DeviantArt gallery.

Of the ones available as I type this, two use one of my favorite shots of our highly-photogenic Australian shepherd, Patch (3/3 and 4/4 Beast), two feature one of our favorite cosplayers, K‑A‑N‑A (1/1 Elf Warrior), and one a sort of chibi angel version of Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII, drawn by pyromaniac (4/4 Angel).

I’ll be slowly adding more to the gallery as I sort through my collection. While I have made dozens of tokens so far, most just sit in MSE since I really only need two or three of each – unless I’m playing something like Genesis Chamber so each opponent will need some, too. I also have a small stack of 1/1 Saproling tokens because Rith, the Awakener was my original General in EDH (now called Commander), and he makes lots of Saps. And, of course, I won’t post them if I can’t give the art owner credit.


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