Thank God the Supreme Court Stands Against Theocracies

I am so conflict-averse that I tend to be very selective about who I discuss certain topics with, but given current events I am compelled to finally speak publicly on one of them. This is only tangentially related to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, but it makes this a perfect time to bring up the subject of theocracies. Most, if not all, people who support bans on gay marriage do so for religious reasons. That’s perfectly understandable, but such people need to think about the dangerous, terrifying precedent they are setting.

Many of the first settlers to The New World came here because the were persecuted for the way they worshiped, sometimes facing imprisonment or even death. They were fleeing the oppressive theocracies that dominated Europe at the time. Today a large number of Arab countries are Muslim theocracies where women are second class citizens, and ISIS is doing its determined best to make sure the entire Arab world is ruled by their corrupt interpretation of Islam. In our Christian past are the atrocities committed by the Medieval Church backed by the aristocracy: from keeping peasants illiterate and therefore easily controlled, to the mass murders known as the Crusades.

Given all of that, I am astounded that so many people today are fighting to turn the US into yet another Christian theocracy. Fellow Christians, think about this: what if Islam was the law of the land and women were forced to cover up when outdoors and everyone had to stop wherever they happen to be at specified times each day to pray? What if it was Judaism and non-Kosher food was illegal?

If those ideas strike you as unfair, then why is it okay for us to force other people to live by our beliefs? As I have said before, I am a strong proponent of the separation of church and state because of my faith. The word Christian  means “little Christ”, denoting our desire to be as much like Jesus as possible. Go get your Bible and scan through the New Testament. Nowhere in it will you find Jesus trying to force people to believe Him – and neither should we. If we would be upset by other faiths’ beliefs being enacted as law, why should we expect them to accept ours?


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