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Happiness Jar #1 for 2017-01-27

I wanted so much to do a “happiness jar” post every weekend this year, but aside from some of our Magic and Pokémon booster pulls at Saturday’s Pokémon Sun and Moon prerelease we haven’t been able to come up with of anything – until Thursday this week.

Like the rest of my family, I’ve needed glasses for most of my life, but have been unable to wear them because of the way my nose is shaped (we suspect it was broken in school bus crash in middle school), and for various reasons I can’t wear contacts either, so I’ve just been dealing with the eyestrain for many years. But the other day while waiting on a prescription at CVS I was trying on random reading glasses to kill time and made two interesting discoveries:

  1. Even the weakest reading glasses are stronger than I need (which is why many people may not have even known that I needed glasses).
  2. Plain plastic frames like on cheap sunglasses don’t give me the nose pain and headaches caused by the nosepads on my wireframes.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Biltmore Vision again to see about getting my lenses put into new glasses. Turns out my lenses are too small to fit any of their plastic frames, but new ones are only $99. While the frames I chose are a bit pricey, there are again two great things about them:

  1. They are super light, so I barely even notice the pressure on my nose.
  2. Biltmore Vision is having a buy one get one free sale so we can also get my wife new glasses for free! Since her lenses are quite scratched and her frames not terribly happy either, it was a very happy surprise indeed.

Went by again today to pick up my glasses, and after Lura picked out her frames, we only had to wait about 10 minutes for her new glasses to be ready too – another pleasant surprise. We’ll take a selfie during Pokémon League to show them off, and I’ll add it here.