Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Art of Mathematics

After a break of more than a decade, a couple of years ago I got back into creating math-based art I call “The Beauty of Math”. Some of it involves drawing Bézier curves on graph paper, like this one I did back in 1994 during my Freshman year of college:

Others are drawn with just a compass and a ruler, combining circles, arcs, and lines in interesting ways. I have now taken those skills and applied them to creating coloring pages like this one, all of which can be found in my DeviantArt gallery:

Please note that this is a low resolution image, not suitable for printing. See my DA gallery for the high res version.

That brings me to LibreCAD. I still start all of my designs with pencil and compass, with lots of erasing, trying something new, and starting over, but then move to LibreCAD to make a clean digital version to share.

LibreCAD is an open source 2D CAD program for Windows, Android, and Apple. It somehow manages to be very powerful, but also lean enough to run easily on our Asus Transformer netbook (Coloring Page #4, pictured above, was made almost entirely on the Asus while at Bojangles one afternoon). While it’s no AutoCAD, it’s also not hundreds of dollars a year.

Even if you don’t have an engineering degree or any interest in engineering at all, as you can see in my coloring pages, LibreCAD can also be useful for various other arts – I even used it to design the cards for my forthcoming game Spellslingers.

The DXF files I made with LibreCAD are available to my Patrons. The exported SVGs are available to the public exclusively on Patreon, but only Patrons can access the DXFs.


My First Two Print-on-Demand Games

A month ago I announced the impending release of my first print-on-demand (POD) game, Cribbage Dice. Unfortunately, once my sample copy arrived I discovered that The Game Crafter’s (TGC) d12s are nearly sequential, which means they can’t be used as randomizers.

More fortunately, TGC’s Hook Box Challenge has inspired me to create three new games. Two of them proved to be untenable for the contest, which requires the entire game to fit into 18 cards and the box that holds them, but will be great as larger games. The third, Spellslingers, is nearing completion, and will be available for POD purchase shortly thereafter. The contest deadline is in six weeks, so expect frequent announcements on Twitter.