About Me


When I was little, I always knew I was going to be an inventor when I grew up. I spent almost as much time dismantling my toys as I did playing with them. So, naturally, I pursued a degree in mechanical engineering after high school. First I went to Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute where I earned my AS in Pre-engineering (in other words, I took lots of math and science classes).

But in my second week at NC State University, a driver did what most Americans seem too – she decided her time was more important than my life and pulled out into traffic when she shouldn’t have, putting herself directly in the path of my bike. The force of the collision of my head with the pavement, even buffered by my helmet, was enough to shatter one of my vertebrae and crack two others. Never ride without a helmet; I would have died without mine.

The pain that left me in actually had several good side-effects, not the least of which is Lura, my wife of more than 13 years. Had I graduated on time, I would have done so mere months before we started courting. But on the subject at hand, the pain meant I had to spend a lot of time resting, and my favorite way to amuse myself at such times were Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy Tactics (still the best videogame ever made), thus triggering my love of gaming.

For as long as I can remember, my family has always played board and card games ranging from checkers and chess, to Stratego and Monopoly (Lura and I were actually Spades partners for months before our first date). So I guess it was natural that I would turn to games for comfort. (Now you also know why Cribbage Dice was the first game I released on this blog.)

Playing those so-called “roleplaying games” for all those years got me curious about the real thing. Now, after playing GURPS, HackMaster, D&D, and a slew of other roleplaying games for so many years, I’ve largely lost my taste for video games (other than Kingdom of Loathing and the Pokémon series (I do so love breeding and training for PvP)).

So here I am, beginning my fifth decade on this planet, and all of my life’s experiences have led to me to one thing: designing the games, both analog and digital, that I would enjoy most. For now I’m focusing on tabletop roleplaying (commonly called “trpgs” or “pencil and paper” games) and board games, but hope to do some HTML 5 or Android games eventually.

Come visit me on:

(af) – Indicates an affiliate link, meaning I get rewarded if you purchase something via that link (generally with store credit). Most of the ads you’ll see are placed there by wordpress.com, and are not associated with me in any way other than allowing the website to be free.

Planprovise – is a word I made up that refers to the ultimate GM skill: the ability to plan ahead but remain flexible enough to adapt to any surprises your players throw at you. I have played under GMs who lacked that ability and as a player it is more than a little frustrating constantly being told that you can’t do something simply because the GM didn’t think of it while planning the session.

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