My wife Lura’s first short story, “Soul Call”, has been published in an anthology called Romancing the Story. Her name is even right in the middle of the top edge of the cover.

Good spelling and grammar are crucial to good communication. So if you want to avoid some of the most common errors, check out “Grammar Made Easy“.

I have enabled Markdown for comments, and created a cheatsheet with the six notations you’ll be most likely to need.

Roleplaying Games

Dizzy Dragon’s free random dungeon creator (My review) – Instantly draws out a randomly generated dungeon, complete with monsters and treasure. Mostly system agnostic.

Roleplaying Tips by Johnn Four – Every GM should subscribe to the free weekly email newsletter; I even send bits or even whole articles to my players sometimes. I’ve gotten tons of great ideas from it that were things I would even have thought to look for.

I’ve used the various randomizers on donjon for several years, but only recently stumbled upon his Fractal World Generator and am duly impressed. It can map out an entire planet using nothing more than your specifications of what percentages of the planet should be water or ice, and its own randomizer. It has to be seen to be believed.

Free Demos of Tabletop Roleplaying Games

HackMaster 5e

A sword and sorcery, or heroic fantasy game that aims to feel old school while using mechanics unlike any other game I’ve ever played. It dispenses with combat rounds and target numbers in favor of second-by-second combat and opposed rolls. It is relatively deadly, but you have a significant number of HP, armor that reduces damage, various defensive combat maneuvers, and, if all else fails, you can spend Honor to reroll and save your hide.

Their website has a variety of free downloads, including the free version of HackMaster Basic that includes everything you need to know to play the game using the included pre-generated characters, but you’ll have to buy a book to be able make a character of your own. They also provide several free mini-modules.


The Generic Universal RolePlaying System is exactly what it sounds like: a game that will let you roleplay anything you want to. We have used it for a wide variety of campaigns: zombie survival, fantasy supers, and a steampunk-ish game inspired by GURPS Warehouse 23 and SyFy’s Warehouse 13. That versatility is why we love it so much, but can overwhelm you if you let it, so it’s wise to start very simply. My “GURPS Extra-Lite” will get you started.

Steve Jackson’s free GURPS Lite includes character creation rules, but with very limited options. Since GURPS is only a couple of years younger than D&D and 4e has been around since 2004, free characters and adventures are available all over the Internet. There are still quite a few people playing 3e, but it had a lot of problems that were fixed in 4e. The good news is that since 4e is an upgrade of 3e rather than a whole new system like the last three editions of D&D, most 3e source books can be used with few or no changes.


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