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* HackMaster 5e
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My Games

I sell print-on-demand versions of my games on The Game Crafter. My personal TGC store is

Cribbage Dice – Play Cribbage with any number of players using dice instead of cards. Also available print-on-demand from The Game Crafter.

Spellslingers, the game I designed for TGC’s 18-card poker hook box contest. Also available in print-and-play (free for my Patrons). It’s essentially a pocket-sized 2-player version of Magic the Gathering.

Open Source Rules-light TRPG – This is an alpha test of a lite game I cranked out one afternoon. I have so many other tasks in my queue that I’m unlikely to ever finish it, so I have re-released it as CC-BY. That means you can take it and do anything you want to with it, including sell your version, as long as you give me credit for my work. If you do I wouldn’t mind a copy because I love seeing what I inspire others to do.

Arena Battle (beta) (Patrons only) – Beta test rules of a game for Looney Pyramids.

Space Battle (alpha) (Patrons only) – Alpha rules of a simple tabletop skirmish game using pieces from Settlers of a Cataan.

My Fiction

A Cloud of Dragons” – Flash fiction about some unique “dragonriders”. Even though it’s only 497 words, it differs significantly from the rough draft, “The Mosquito Hawks“, which is available to my Patrons.

Rebirth of a Monster” – Flash fiction about the origin of Manny, the pacifistic tavern-keeper and gourmet chef who is my favorite recurring NPC.

Stories Exclusively for My Patrons

The Mosquito Hawks” – Draft of a flash fiction about some unique “dragonriders”. When my wife read the first draft she laughed, then nearly cried, then mumbled, “Damn you” (in her defense, she had just gotten off a long day at work at Ingles, and was reading it in the store’s cafe (a great place to write) before we headed home). Apparently it has the desired emotional impact.

Tefra’s Awakening” – A rough draft of the origin store of one my current D&D characters: Tefra, the fire genasi hexblade warlock. The GM and I threw away all of the canonical genasi fluff, and together came up with what amounts to a mostly human-looking guy made of lava rocks, magma, and obsidian. While I don’t cover it in this story, in the game his pact “blade” is actually an obsidian warhammer covered in silver runes. And while he can mostly keep his fire under control, when angered his “hair” tends to flare up, so he rarely sleeps indoors, and even then only after making sufficient preparations to make sure he doesn’t inadvertently burn down the building while everyone is sleeping.

My Art

My DeviantArt Gallery has all of my coloring pages, tokens for Magic the Gathering, and other art.

My Patrons also get exclusive access to the CAD files (DXF format) and SVGs of my coloring pages.

I have released my first coloring book, Floral Mandalas, as a print-on-demand on Lulu. Amazon version is pending.

My Downloadable Game Aids

Tabletop Roleplaying Games (trpg)

Here are some of the character sheets and other accessories I have created for use in trpgs. The first link on each is to the download location, the “details” or “with lines” link is to where I discuss the item in detail, and the “updated” link leads to where I discuss the changes in the new version.


While not actually a downloadable file, you can also check out our GURPS houserules.

HackMaster 5e

D&D 5e

D&D 4e

Collectible/Trading Card Games (c/tcg)

Other Games


  • Munchkin Compatibility Chart – A handy quick reference to help you choose the next Munchkin game to add to your collection (optimized for smartphones). – updated constantly

Pokémon Video Games

My interest in video games has waned a bit in the last few years, but one I still enjoy immensely is Pokémon, largely because of my love of math. Here are two of the aids I created and still carry in my DSi’s case, now updated for X/Y: