My Games

NOTE: This page has been preempted by My Creations, so it is no longer maintained.

Cribbage Dice – Play Cribbage with any number of players using dice instead of cards. Also available print-on-demand from The Game Crafter.

Spellslingers, the game I designed for TGC’s 18-card poker hook box contest. Also available in print-and-play. It’s essentially a pocket-sized 2-player version of Magic the Gathering.

Open Source Rules-light TRPG – This is an alpha test of a lite game I cranked out one afternoon. I have so many other tasks in my queue that I’m unlikely to ever finish it, so I have re-released it as CC-BY. That means you can take it and do anything you want to with it, including sell your version, as long as you give me credit for my work. If you do I wouldn’t mind a copy because I love seeing what I inspire others to do.


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