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D&D Encounters Pre-gens (Levels 1-3)

First, a bit of good news: after having only sporadic Internet ability during my laptop’s death throes (accompanied by those of our DSL modem), I finally got a new one, but as always it took me a while to get it set up. Fortunately, my weeks spent mostly offline let me get quite a few things done, including making major progress on my modular roleplaying system.

One other thing I did was make “new” pre-gens for the current D&D Encounters season, Murder in Baldur’s Gate, by de-leveling the pre-gens I made for the previous season. They are available from my Scribd library as usual, and I’ll be posting individual links both here and on my Download page shortly. I do find it strange that Scribd let me upload four PDFs with few difficulties, but WordPress wouldn’t let me tell you about them. Now that I can, I hope enjoy them.

Also of note is that while de-leveling them I noticed a whole slew of math errors in one of them (which is astounding since my better half is learning to be a math teacher and I share her love of math), and the others each had a couple of small issues. I have not quite finished updating them since they are a fairly low priority and because I made some subtle and some drastic changes to how I formatted them all and will need to apply those changes to the old ones. As always, I’ll post here as soon as I do get them done.