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April Tournaments and Pokémon Decklist Sheet

We are proud to announce Asheville’s Pokémon League Cup on Tax Day (April 15th for you those of you not dealing with taxes yet). One week later is the Magic prerelease for Amonkhet, and a week after that is the Pokémon prerelease for Guardians Rising. Naturally, that means there will be no League Challenge this month, but they will begin again in May.

As usual, I have updated my deck registration sheet, including Guardians Rising, which won’t be tournament legal until May 21. But I just made an interesting discovery: PokéGym has a fillable decklist you can fill out in your browser and print. If you do, please make sure it’s only one page, even if you have to double-side it. It’s not only good for the Earth, it reduces the volume of paper we have to store because we are required to keep the sheets for a while.


Updated Pokémon Deck List Sheet

I have updated my tournament deck list sheet for the 2016 Play! Pokémon season. I am only about halfway done making a form-fillable version since I’m learning how as I go along. Since no sets will be rotating out of Expanded, I’ll have to do a major rebuild of that section of the sheet since I’m still having trouble getting OpenOffice to properly attach set symbols to cells so they aren’t left behind when I copy the table into Writer. That said, I hope to have the post-rotation form-fillable version available for our Mossdeep League Challenge.

Speaking of the Mossdeep LC, we are giving out door prizes at this event. Each registered player will get one entry, and anyone who arrives at the store with a pre-filled out deck sheet gets a bonus entry. Details can be found on the tournament’s facebook event. The overhaul to the Professor program is leaving us with fewer prizes than we had hoped, so we’re happy to accept donations if you have anything suitable lying around.

Tokens for Magic the Gathering

While I originally downloaded Magic Set Editor to make power cards for D&D 4e, I now use it primarily to make tokens for Magic the Gathering. Several examples are available in the new Magic Tokens folder in my DeviantArt gallery.

Of the ones available as I type this, two use one of my favorite shots of our highly-photogenic Australian shepherd, Patch (3/3 and 4/4 Beast), two feature one of our favorite cosplayers, K‑A‑N‑A (1/1 Elf Warrior), and one a sort of chibi angel version of Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII, drawn by pyromaniac (4/4 Angel).

I’ll be slowly adding more to the gallery as I sort through my collection. While I have made dozens of tokens so far, most just sit in MSE since I really only need two or three of each – unless I’m playing something like Genesis Chamber so each opponent will need some, too. I also have a small stack of 1/1 Saproling tokens because Rith, the Awakener was my original General in EDH (now called Commander), and he makes lots of Saps. And, of course, I won’t post them if I can’t give the art owner credit.