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A Few More Inconvenient Truths


  • FACT: For humans “race” is a social construct and is meaningless biologically because we are all of the same subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens.
  • FACT: We white people only make up about 1/5 of the world’s population. In global terms we are actually a minority – the Chinese outnumber us by a lot.


  • FACT: We Christians only make up about 1/3 of the world’s population, although we are the largest religion.
  • FACT: Our Christian forebears decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during the winter even though he was born in warmer weather for one reason: To take over all of the “pagan” Yule and Solstice rituals that had been celebrated for centuries, if not millennia.
    • FACT: There is no war on Christmas. If anything, Pagans could claim that there is an ongoing war on Yule.


  • FACT: Russia, Syria, China, and North Korea all have state-run television that warps the news in order to keep their people ignorant and themselves in power.
    • FACT: Misinformation is one of the favored methods of keeping power by dictators throughout history.
    • FACT: Kim Jong-il and Bashar al-Assad do it because they are dictators who oppress their people.
      • FACT: Bashar al-Assad has been “President” for 16 years, and took over the office from his father who had been “President” since 1971. In 2014 Assad was “elected” to another 7-year term in what should have been the first real Presidential election in Syria since the 1963 and 1966 coups that instituted the current monarchy.
      • FACT: Vladimir Putin has likewise alternated between President and Prime Minister for the past 16 years.
    • THEORY: Putin does it because he wants to be a czar rather than a president, which is why he fights to prop up dictators like Assad.
  • FACT: Russia did invade Crimea.
    • THEORY: I think Putin did it so that he will have a larger empire once he finally declares himself Czar.
  • FACT: The Russians did try to interfere with the US Presidential election by discrediting Hillary Clinton.
    • FACT: It could not have been done without Putin knowing about it; he may have even ordered it, but we don’t know for sure.
    • THEORY: Putin thinks Trump is like-minded and will help him cement power.

Climate Change

  • FACT: Climate change is real, and if we don’t curb our fossil fuel dependency the planet will become unlivable, leading to the extinction of the human race.
  • FACT: Since corporations generally only care about profits, the only way to save the planet is by enforcing strict environmental regulations.
  • FACT: The supply of fossil fuels is limited, so there will come a day when we will be forced to give them up anyway. Current estimates suggest that day could come as soon as 2050 at current usage. If we step up production like Trump wants to then our supplies won’t even last that long.