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November Means National Novel Writing Month

For various personal reasons we will have to skip NaNoWriMo this year, but wish all you NaNos out there the best of luck. Naturally, we still plan to write every day and attend a few write-ins, but our lives right now just won’t let us make the commitment.

Don’t know what NaNo’s all about? It’s an annual challenge for the daring – some would say crazy – to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November.

If you are doing or interested in NaNo, or writing of any kind, and live in the Asheville, NC area then check out the AsheNoWriMo website for our write-in schedule. Other than in November we meet twice a month. During NaNo there will likely be 1-2 official pre-scheduled write-ins and plenty of impromptu ones. Join the email list and you’ll know about them all.

This year’s NaNo kick off is tonight (1 Nov 2013) from 6-8 at Green Sage South coffeeshop on Hendersonville Road. Swing by and say hi to Jess and the gang and get this year’s NaNo sticker.


November is National Novel Writing Month

November has arrived, so that means it’s that time of year again: National Novel Writing Month. Expect posts to be rare from me this month as NaNoWriMo consumes all of my free time on my quest to join my fellow NaNos and write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

I haven’t yet decided which story I’m writing this year, so I’m planning to flip back and forth working on all of them. My humble readers may find it interesting that two of them have ties to my roleplaying history.

It’s a sci-fantasy novel, sort of like V in basic concept but I wrote chapter 1 before I’d ever seen the series, where “benevolent” aliens came to Earth and helped clean it up and forced us to make peace with each other. But one morning we woke up and realized we were enslaved.

What brought the aliens to Earth is that it is the only planet in the known universe that produces mana, although humans in general lost the ability to tap it centuries ago. (Have I mentioned that my favorite genre is sci-fantasy?) Part of the way through the book the resistance will learn that the aliens have developed engines that are powered by mana but only use that technology to make weapons to fight against the resistance. Knowing me as well as I do, it is quite likely that those engines will eventually find their way into combat mecha.

The story centers around one particular squad of resistance fighters, the leader of which is grizzled old retired US Army sergeant who refuses to believe in magic or psionics, despite the fact that two other members of the team are psions. He’s a blast to write… and to play the few times I have.

That story holds a special place in my heart because Sgt. Carter and Celeste, the team’s latently-psychic hacker, are the first two roleplaying characters I ever made, way back in the third edition of GURPS before we even learned how to play roleplaying games.

One of my other stories for this year is based on my very first campaign behind the screen (in GURPS 4e by then). It was set on Earth about 200 years in the future, but after the planet had merged with a fantasy world from another dimension (inspired by the anime Those Who Hunt Elves). The merging caused a worldwide earthquake that nearly wiped out all civilization on both worlds.

Now things have settled down, and, thanks to the Internet, much of which was kept in satellites, the world has mostly recovered and is now adapting to the all of the new races and the magic they bring. A few weeks ago a book fetus set in that world started latched on to my brain and started feeding. As is usual with my writing, I have no idea what will happen until the characters tell me.