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Pokémon Pocket-sized Game Aids

My regular readers know that I have been working on several Pokémon game aids since late last year and finally got them ready for general distribution. My wife and several of our Pokémon Leaguers have been using them for several months and seem very happy with them, so I hope you’ll find them useful too.

The first is a list of every Pokémon as of generation 5, including their types and what Effort Points they yield. It is in the form of two booklets, each using one sheet of paper, that are small enough to fit in your pocket or DS case, yet have large enough text to even be readable by my eyes. To learn how to fold each sheet into an eight-page booklet, simply visit the website of PocketMod, the home of the handy bit of freeware I used to convert the original 16-page document down to a more manageable two pages.

My printer has a strict .51″ bottom margin, so in order to get those to print properly I have to set it to 96% and turn off auto-center. That results in a lot of trimming after folding, but it’s better than missing nearly half of two pages.

The second is a type chart designed to fit on an index card and therefore be slightly smaller than a DSi. If you can’t remember how the types match up in Pokémon or are tired of carrying around a huge chart, then this is for you.

If your printer can’t print on index cards or want to run off several to share with your friends or hand out at Pokémon League, you’re in luck because I also fit six on a single sheet of paper. You’ll find the best results if you print them on card stock.

Naturally, once X and Y release this fall I’ll update both documents with the new Pokémon and type(s). (You have heard about the new Fairy type, haven’t you?)

As usual, here are the download links for your convenience: