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Finished My HackMaster Sheet and Revised the Rest

HackMaster Character Sheet

I finally finished my HackMaster sheet uploaded it to Scribd. Figuring out how to do weapons stumped me for a long time.

As usual, I designed it with three major goals in mind:

  • Earth- and wallet-friendliness. In other words: cheap to print.
  • Only force the positioning of things that will be the present on every character or are tedious to hand-write every time: stat blocks; name, race, age, etc.; skills; base weapon stat calculations; and so forth.
  • User-customizable depending player taste and character class. Normally this would include having the lowest item on the front of the page be the column headings of the weapons table. That way it as long as needed, no more or less, yet still details out the math for new players and for ease of making changes as needed (specialization, talents, magic items, etc.).

Unfortunately, in this case it proved impossible to squeeze everything for weapons into one line – not even as small as I write. So I compromised by making a small-as-possible weapon block that is easy to duplicate if you need more. By default I include two, assuming most characters will have a melee and a ranged weapon.

If you really need more (if you are or want to be a knight, for instance), you can download the original ODT from YouSendIt. It has four of them, and you can delete or copypasta more as needed.

One final thing: It may not be obvious, but, as usual, I intended for the right margin to be used to track gained experience to keep the current experience spot from being erased into a hole. Naturally, you are free to do as you please since that is the whole point of the sheet.

There is one small problem I’m still trying to tackle: the lines around some of the boxes won’t print. I’ve managed to make some of them appear by finagling things a bit (like putting some frames inside other frames and then making those frames’ borders show), but I gave up completely on the box around the stat block. Once I get it tackled I’ll upload a revision. If you have any idea how to fix it, please drop me a line.

HackMaster Grimoire Update

I also updated my HackMaster grimoire. When I couldn’t squeeze all of the info I needed for each spell onto it, I knew I definitely needed to redo it. Each row is now half-again the height it was (.6 inches instead of .4), and I tweaked the width of some of the columns.

Guidelines Added to All Character Sheets

My wonderful gamer wife pointed out that she can’t write in straight lines as well as I can – I only can thanks to natural talent and minoring in drafting in college, the same thing that allows me to write as small as I do – so for her sake and others I added very faint lines to the large whitespaces on all of my sheets and uploaded a second copy of each.

The lines are .05″ thick and 20% gray so they will nearly vanish if you hold the sheet at arm’s length. My fellow draftsmen might call them “construction lines”. That way they are there if you need them to keep you writing straight, but are unobtrusive enough that they won’t interfere with any drawings or other things you put on the sheet.

The lines are spaced .10″ apart, smaller than even I write. (For reference sake, the boxes on my sheets are generally .25″ high.) However, placing them that closely makes them highly versatile. I expect that most people will use two lines per line of text, but younger players might use three. If I made the lines .2″ apart then people who write larger than that will be inclined to write even bigger than they normally do to fill the space (assuming I’m not the only person with that inclination).

Further, that spacing allows you to do things like having headers be slightly taller than normal text or to put varying, measurable, amounts of space between sections.

The newly-lined D&D and GURPS sheets have been uploaded, I will be getting to the HackMaster sheet the next few days. Please go check them out and let me know what you think. Thanks.

UPDATE: The lined HackMaster sheet has now been uploaded.

I also moved my copyright line on all of my character sheets so that they’ll be less intrusive and won’t get chopped off by some printers, like ours half the time. All three of them have been reuploaded to Scribd (the links haven’t changed).