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PC Grimoire for HackMaster 5e

For one of my mages in HackMaster 4e I designed a grimoire for all of her spells so I wouldn’t need to keep the Player’s Handbook and Spellslinger’s Guide to Wurld Domination on hand every time I played her. For several years now our only HackMaster campaign has been mine and no one is playing a mage so we haven’t needed the grimoire. I forgot it existed until I stumbled across the character in my giant file of dead and retired characters.

The original ODS is one of the files I lost when the harddrive from my first laptop crashed so I started from scratch. It didn’t take nearly as long as I expected since it’s just an empty spreadsheet with headers and appropriately sized columns.

I first made it legal-sized (8.5″x14″) since it’s much easier to get everything you need on the page that way. But since the only sheet of legal paper I could find in the house already had a 4e grimoire on one side, and since I expect most households probably don’t have legal paper either, I made a letter-sized version by squeezing the three spell component columns (Verbal, Somatic, Material) into one.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll make an A4-sized version too.

Because some of them may not be obvious, here is what the columns are for, in order:
1) Check or X the box if you have memorized the spell.
2) Spell’s level.
3) Spell’s name.
4) SP cost (determined by spell level but included here for those that want it).
5) Casting time, in seconds.
6) Spell’s range.
7) Spell’s duration.
8) Saving throw type (Agility, Mental, or Physical) and result.
9-11) Verbal, Somatic, and Material components.
12) Spell’s effects, additional SP schedule, or anything else you need to use the spell without having to reference the book.

As usual, download links are available on the Download page, but for your convenience here are the legal- and letter-sized versions.